Should You Sell Your Home For Cash?

Should you Sell your home for cash? -

Should You Sell Your Home For Cash?

When listing your home on the market, you want a fair price on the higher end of the spectrum. Buyers tend to low bid on homes that require repairs figuring the cost of the repair into the purchase price. So, when selling, what repairs are important enough to a buyer to keep them from purchasing your home?

Expectations of realty in the area vary according to the location of the property, the time of year, and the position of the real estate market. Real estate is tricky but there are several tips to follow to ease the process.

  • Review the ceilings and walls. Buyers will be reviewing the ceilings for water stains from leaks, smoke damage, cracks or grease. This same principle applies to the walls of the home. Old wallpaper and wood paneling can lessen the appeal of a home, so think of updating to something with more appeal.
  • One big item on every person’s list is the kitchen set up. Replace any broken, rusted, or outdated items in the kitchen. Resurfacing cabinets, painting counters, and replacing leaky faucets can increase the aesthetics of the room.
  • Bathrooms are always an easy update. Paint smaller bathrooms a brighter color, deep clean the tub and tile grout, and shine all the water faucets.
  • Light landscaping and replacing broken fence posts to increase the curb appeal of the home is a great way to update the home without breaking the bank.

These improvements can be relatively costly, so draft a budget before any improvement projects. On the plus side, there are subsidies offered in several areas for home improvements and repairs. Checking into these subsidies can ease or eliminate the cost of upgrades to the property.

Remember, these upgrades can add appeal which can greatly increase your chance of selling and your profit.


Are you staring down costly home repair and/or renovation costs? If there are no subsidies in your area, reach out to us today and consider taking a fast and fair cash offer on your home.

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